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LaptopGPS"Improvement location certificate" means a representation of the boundaries of a parcel of land and the improvements thereon, prepared pursuant to section 38-51-108. That it is not a land survey plat or improvement survey plat, and that it is not to be relied upon for the establishment of fence, building, or other future improvement lines.

I hereby certify that this improvement location certificate was prepared for .... (individual or firm) ...., that it is not a land survey plat or improvement survey plat, and that it is not to be relied upon for the establishment of fence, building, or other future improvement lines. I further certify that the improvements on the above described parcel on this date, .... (insert date) ...., except utility connections, are entirely within the boundaries of the parcel, except as shown, that there are no encroachments upon the described premises by improvements on any adjoining premises, except as indicated, and that there is no apparent evidence or sign of any easement crossing or burdening any part of said parcel, except as noted.

"Improvement survey plat" means a land survey plat as defined resulting from a monumented land survey showing the location of all structures, visible utilities, fences, hedges, or walls situated on the described parcel and within five feet of all boundaries of such parcel, any conflicting boundary evidence or visible encroachments, and all easements, underground utilities, and tunnels for which properly recorded evidence is available from the county clerk and recorder, a title insurance company, or other sources as specified on the improvement survey plat.

"Monument" means the object or physical structure that marks the corner point.

"Control corner" means any land survey corner the position of which controls boundaries of a tract or parcel of land.

"Corner" means a point of reference determined by the surveying process.

"Aliquot corner" means any section corner or quarter section corner and any other corner in the public land survey system created by subdividing land according to the rules of procedure set forth in section 38-51-103.

"Bench mark" means any relatively immovable point on the earth whose elevation above or below an adopted datum is known.

"Monument record" means a written and illustrated document describing the physical appearance of a bench mark or survey monument and its accessories.

"Platted subdivision" means a group of lots, tracts, or parcels of land created by recording a map which meets the requirements of section 38-51-106 and which shows the boundaries of such lots, tracts, or parcels and the original parcel from which they were created.

"Land survey" means a series of observations and measurements made pursuant to sections 38-51-103, 38-51-104, and 38-51-105 for the purpose of locating or restoring any real property boundary.

"Land survey plat" means a plat that shows the information developed by a monumented land survey or shows one or more set monuments pursuant to sections 38-51-104 and 38-51-105 and includes all information required by section 38-51-106.

"Monumented land survey" means a land survey in which monuments are either found or set pursuant to sections 38-51-103, 38-51-104, and 38-51-105 to mark the boundaries of a specified parcel of land.

"ALTA/ACSM LAND TITLE SURVEY" shall be in accordance with the then-current "Accuracy Standards for Land Title Surveys" ("Accuracy Standards") as adopted, from time to time by the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the American Land Title Association and incorporated by reference.

Purpose of ILC (Improvement Location Certificate) – To facilitate requirements of a Title Insurance Provider involving the purchase or refinance of a property, the surveyors certificate reflects the same. All other uses are not the intent of an ILC (Improvement Location Certificate). An ILC represents the scaled drawing of the site per legal description with easements of record and the site improvements based upon evidence of the boundary.

Plot Plan – Plot Plan is a non-certified drawing performed using the similar criteria as an ILC.  The Plot Plan cannot be relied upon for accuracy without a Boundary Land Survey. The information shown on the drawing represents existing monumentation (stakes, rebar, pipe etc.) as found and Not Verified. Therefore a Plot Plan is not certified or verified, it represents a sketch plan of the existing site.

ILC’s and Plot Plans are NOT a Certified Boundary Survey and should not be used to construct improvements.

Locate Existing Property Corners (non Certified, non Verified) - Additional Land Surveying Services can be performed Locating and Marking existing property corners. In some cases the property corners may not exist at time of inspection, although the same fee is imposed. The location of existing property corners are not verified as a land survey. A Certified Boundary Survey will verify and or replace missing property corners. The locate and mark fee can be credited toward the cost of a Certified Boundary Survey.

Title Commitment – We request that a Land Survey, or ILC order include a copy of the title commitment. Schedules A (inclusive of an attached legal description) and B2 are necessary to properly research and perform the Land Survey and or ILC.

Confirmation Report – Upon receipt of an ILC and or Land Survey order a confirmation report will be sent with an estimate for the date of Inspection and due date for the completion of the Final Drawing.

Access Restrictions (Gates, Dogs, etc.) – Owners/Tenants should be notified or our inspection (date of inspection will be indicated on our confirmation report). When access is completely restricted a Trip Fee or reschedule fee will be incurred. Minor Access Restrictions will be noted on the drawing.

Trip Fee – In Some instances Access Restrictions may prevent us from performing an ILC Field inspection and or Land Survey, in this case we may impose an additional Trip Fee. The client will need to grant access to the property when an inspection can be rescheduled. This may delay the completion of the final drawing.

Cancellation – Cancellation of an ILC must be performed in writing, email, phone confirmation etc. prior to the due date given.  Fees will be imposed based upon services completed. Please notify us when a loan is in jeopardy of not closing, or is transferred to a different lender.

Collection of Fees – We will invoice the client at the time of completion of the Land Surveying Services.  Fees are due and payable at time of completion. Client may include our fee a part of a real estate closing, although, payment of fees are due whether the property closes or not. By ordering an ILC and or Land Survey you and your company become responsible for collection of fees. It is your responsibility to coordinate payment of these fees with the title companies/client, purchaser, mortgage representative and real estate agent etc.

Fee Estimate – Due to the nature of the business the fee estimate can be stated after the preliminary research is performed. The fee estimate is based on size, location and difficulty of the scope of work for the property. Please give us a call for a fee estimate.

Time Frame – Most ILC’s or Plot Plans will take 3-4 days to complete the research, field inspection measurement and a final drawing. Depending on the weather and our workload the time frame may expand. Rush Jobs are possible, but a fee may be imposed. Please call for our current time frame.

 Example PDFs: Alta Land Survey | Land Survey Plat

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